Rapala Group presents at ICAST Fishing Show the new Arashi lure

Rapala Group presents at ICAST Fishing Show the new Storm lure: the Arashi Wake Crank.

This new surface Storm lure has an innovative single ball rattle system with a low  cadence frequency pitch that fish can perceive at greater distances and easily track to the source.

A rotated hook hanger nests the hooks close to the body for improved action, preventing hang-ups and allowing larger hooks.

New lip shape starts right away at slow speeds and quickly reaches maximum diving depth.

Like all baits in the Arashi family, the Wake Crank features a circuit-board lip, patent-pending self-tuning line tie, rotated hook hangers, holographic 3D eyes and premium VMC Black Nickel Hooks.

This new lStorm ure by now is available in only one size: 2-3/8 inch for a weight of 9/16 oz.

The Storm Arashi Wake Crank comes in 16 colors:  Black Silver Shad, Green Gold Shad and Black Chartreuse Shad,Hot Blue Shad, Bluegill, Baby Bass, Crappie, Blue Back Herring, Wakasagi, Ghost Hitch, Pro Blue, Rusty Craw, Mossy Chartreuse Craw, Red Craw, Hot Chartreuse Shad, Parrot.

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