New Rapala Scatter Rap Jointed

New Rapala Scatter Rap Jointed was presented only just one week ago at EFTTEX fishing exibition in Bruxelles.

Observing it escape while darting side-to-side is one thing, but feeling a shad bait vibrate the rod tip makes it truly unique. 

Baitfish skitter and scatter when they are pursued by predators  it's this erratic and evasive action that triggers the strike. 

Rapala Scatter Rap Jointed is made of balsa, with a custom Scatter Lip, the Scatter Rap Shad consistently swims with an erratic and evasive sweeping action  perfectly mimicking vulnerable baitfish.

Scatter Rap Jointed dives 5 to 7 feet. The lure is 3-1/2 inches long, weigh 1/4 of an ounce and comes equipped with two N.. 6 VMC Black Nickel Round-bend Hooks. They’re available in 16 colors: Bleak, Ayu, Blue, Clown, Firetiger, Gold, Golden Alburnus, Gold Fluorescent Red, Hot Steel, Perch, Purpledescent, Rainbow Trout, Silver, Silver Fluorescent Chartreuse, Brown Trout and Yellow Perch.


Here the Official Rapala Video: 

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