New Rapala Bx Waking Minnow

A new interesting lure presented few days ago from Rapala group; the Rapala Bx Waking Minnow.

This new lure is a surface walking bait with great performance. Built tough, the Rapala Waking Minnow delivers a wide waking action that will certainly draw predators in for the strike. A lively balsa core with a tough durable Copolymer shell give the bait the ability to get hammered all day long.

This new lure ha different features as: durable construction outer shell, excellent fish attracting surface rolling action, VMC black nickel round bend hooks and an exceptional castability.

Measuring 5-1/4 inches long and weighing 3/4 ounce, the BX Waking Minnow reaps all the great benefits of the BX Series in the most common prey baitfish profile.

It’s available in six color patterns: Blue Back Herring, Firetiger, Gold Shiner, Shadow, Smelt and Yellow Perch.

Soon available at store. Click here to search

Here the Rapala official video:

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