Rapala introduces the new Scatter Rap Crank Deep

Rapala has announced the introduction of a new kind of Rapala, the Scatter Rap Crank Deep.
The construction is made with the classic Balsa body and the new kind of Rapala Scatter Lip, so the swimming action will be evasive, erratic, floating and silent.

This new no rattlin Rapala will be produced in 12 different colors: Blue Back Herring (BBH), Bruised (BRU), Caribbean Shad (CRSD), Demon (DMN), Disco Shad (DSSD), Girlfriend (GFD), Mardi Gras (MGRA), Mule (MULE), Old School (OLSL), Penguin (PNGN), Rasta (RTA) and Smash (SMSH).

Rapala Scatter Rap Crank Deep is 2" long with a weight of 5/16 oz and has two VMC Black Nickel Two No. 5 treble hooks. This lure is built to dive quickly and work in the 10-12 foot depth range.

Buy your new Rapala Scatter Rap CLICK HERE

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