New Scatter Rap Crank Shallow

The new Scatter Rap Crank Shallow will be soon available on the fishing shops; this particular Rapala lure works the top of the water column, bringing with unique evasive action to the 3 foot depth range.

All the new color patterns designed by expert professional angler Mike Iaconelli exclusively for Rapala: Blue Back Herring (BBH), Bruised (BRU), Caribbean Shad (CRSD), Demon (DMN), Disco Shad (DSSD), Girlfriend (GFD), Mardi Gras (MGRA), Mule (MULE), Old School (OLSL), Penguin (PNGN), Rasta (RTA) and Smash (SMSH).

This balsa body lure is produced in one size: 2" with a weight of 5/16 oz. The new lip creante an unique  erratic and evasive swimming action.

here the last Rapala official video:

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