A closer look at Scatter Rap Crank

The Scatter Rapala Crank is a new  agile, nimble and responsive lure; the Scatter Rapala Crank has an evasive action, no other crankbait compares.
 Made of balsa, with a custom Scatter Lip, the Scatter Rap Crank consistently swims with an erratic and evasive sweeping action perfectly mimicking vulnerable baitfish.

Cast or trolled, it is the perfect choice for any species of freshwater gamefish.

Main features:

Model Number: SCRC05

Body: Balsa Body

Running Depth: 6' - 8'

Body Length: 2"

Weight: 5/16 oz.

Lip: scatter Lip Design for Evasive action

Action: Erratic Swimming

Hooks: Premium Black Nickel VMC

Technique: Cast or Trolled

See the presentation videos at ICAST 2013 in Las Vegas HERE

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