ICAST 2012: top new Rapala Group Products for 2013

At the annual ICAST Show Rapala Group  introduced  new products across its wide brand range at this year’s 

So there will be new hardbaits from Rapala, terminal tackle from VMC, some more  Sufix line, electronics from MarCum,  Trigger X Aggression softbaits and a new Honda Lite Auger from the recently acquired StrikeMaster.

All the top new products from Rapala USA at this year ICAST Show are:

Rapala BX Series
A particular sleek minnow-shaped bait with flat sides that flaunts a strong flash on the roll as it slices and twitches through the water. Measuring 10 centimetres - 4 inches long, the BX Minnow weighs 3/8 ounce - 10.5 grams.

Trigger X Aggression Goo Bug
Trigger X Drop Dead Minnow 
Trigger X Slop Hopper
Last year Trigger X introduced models and colours that were nothing like anglers had ever seen. Trigger X has outdone itself this year and raised the bar by creating out-of-this-world baits that will be winners for pros and anglers alike.

Sufix 832 Leadcore
The ‘strongest and most versatile’ leadcore available. It’s ideal for trolling and big-game species because of the added strength and extreme sensitivity

VMC Holy Hooks and Jigs
‘Ike-inspired and Ike-approved’, VMC says that it is completely changing the landscape of hook application and presentation with the news series of Mike ‘Ike’ Iaconeili designed hooks and jigs. 

VMC Wide Gap
 The VMC Wide Gap hook has a traditional design with new and improved features. Resin closed eyes to ensure even the thinnest braided line will not slip through and an offset behind the eye making it ideal for larger softbaits. Pair that with the VMC signature three-degree “tweak” points and anglers have wide-gap hooks that provide hassle-free and instant hook sets each and every time.

MarCum LX-9
MarCum says the LX-9 is a ‘fish-finding marvel’ that is waiting to explore and be explored.

Strike Master 4 - Stroke Power Auger
 Not so many years ago the auger artisans at StrikeMaster again put their signature on ice fishing. StrikeMaster’s is fopr sure the newest 4 stroke engineering marvel.

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