Rapala introducin Lithium Ion electric

One of the fiercest filleting swordsmen alive is Rapala Pro Angler and legendary guide Tom Neustrom. The Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife boasts an advanced airflow motor design, running smooth and cool as the backside of the pillow. The long-lasting motor is also remarkably quiet, despite the impressive torque, letting you clean fish while listening in on other anglers giving up spots. But wait a second... YOU caught the most fish anyway. Regardless, it still purrs.Ninja Neustrom highlights the fit and finish as well. “It’s so easy to handle. No bulkiness. That comfort matters when I’m staring down a bucket of fish.” Rapala calls the ergonomic design the ‘relaxed grip body,’ and it’s golf glove comfortable.The Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife separates fillets with twin 7-inch serrated blades - the perfect length for filleting fish from walleyes to crappies, bullheads to channel cats, and speckled trout to redfish.“It’s the best built battery-powered fillet knife ever, and I’ve tested them all,” closes Neustrom as he wipes the blades clean, washes down fresh fillets, and slaps.

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