Rapala Jigging Rap 2012

The Rapala Jigging Rap is now available in a WH series with a painted treble hook, which Scandinavians have trialed successfully for years. Vertical jigging for deep or suspended fish, the Jigging Rap swims in tantalizing figure 8’s right in the middle of deep game fish, enticing an aggravated bite. The painted treble of the WH series attracts 80% of strikes when a fish attacks the lure, which naturally translates into an increased hook up ratio. If the fish misses its target, then the additional singles front and rear will finish the job – Rapala’s insurance policy; allowing the Jigging Rap to dance and twirl in its seductive manner whilst still providing an exceptional strike-to-hookup conversion rate.

Special Tiger Eye Pupil Tip on Treble
 Minnow Profile
 Balanced Design
 Environmental Zinc Weighted
 Bright Attractor Colours
 Single Reversed Hooks
 Centre Treble & Eyelet
 ENVIRONMENT: Freshwater & Estuary

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