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All too often, bass anglers leave a ton of bass on the table. Because you want to cover as much water as possible, you go into run and gun mode, picking two or three bass on a spot and then quickly moving on to the next spot. But in many cases, you’re leaving a mess of less aggressive bass just waiting to be picked off by the next angler who is willing to offer a more slower, more finessed presentation.

Bassmaster Classic Champion Mike Iaconelli is one of those guys. He turns to a deadly finesse fishing technique called the drop shot rig. He uses this technique to nail the less aggressive bass on proven structure such as docks, the edge of a channel, humps, brushpile, rockpile, or the edge of a giant weed bed.

As effective as this technique is, it has its faults. After a few casts, anglers can experience aggravating line twist. In addition, it’s not uncommon for the hook and softbait, typically a plastic worm, to become fouled or hung up on the line.

So here’s the secret! Coming to your nearest tackle store in the next few weeks is a cool new drop shot rig system offered exclusively by VMC that completely eliminates line twists and dramatically increases hook-ups.

We’ve been carefully following the drop shot rig trend among bass anglers and have developed a break-through design - the new VMC® SpinShot™ hook - which was honored with the Best Terminal Tackle Award at this year’s ICAST, the world’s largest fishing tackle trade show.

The VMC SpinShot incorporates a light, but super-resistant, high-carbon steel black nickel spinning system into its premium VMC drop shot hook. Forged with Vanadium® steel that melds the perfect balance of lightness and resistance, the hook system features a nimble swiveling wire structure that guarantees 100 percent free, 360-degree rotation of the hook with any size lure attached.

“The VMC SpinShot is the first of its kind to completely eliminate line twists when drop shot rigging,” says Mike Iaconelli. “With a built-in spinning system, my bait rotates 360 degrees, eliminating the line twist. The VMC SpinShot system also means my softbait sits perfectly horizontal off the line - no dangling down - which means less fouled hooks and more hook ups. If you like finesse fishing, you’ve gotta try this. It’s going to change the way you fish!”

To rig it, you simply tie on the SpinShot as a traditional-style drop shot rig; the result is zero line twist with best-in-class lure presentation and action. Utilizing the SpinShot not only prevents line twists and increases hook rates, but completely eliminates the need for an expensive hook, ball bearing and snap swivel combination - components that make finesse rigs bulky and limit rigging possibilities.

At VMC, we also tackled one other big problem with drop shot rigs. With many of the current hooks used for drop shot rigging, the gap between the hook tip and the shank is too narrow. Meaning fish get off too easily. Some pros modify this by bending the hooks to make they wider, so the hook has a better chance of hooking on the inside of the top part of a bass’ mouth. We’ve designed the VMC SpinShot hook with a Technical® bend to increase resistance to the opening, which in turn, transfers energy toward the point of the hook, holding the fish firmly in place when set.

With VMC's new SpinShot hook, you will have an edge that no angler on the water will have... that is until you start bragging about all the bass you're catching.    

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