Rapala Trigger X and VMC make perfect combination

Trigger X® softbaits and new VMC® SpinShot™ give anglers the edge to win. On July 30, Minnesota natives Bob Perkins and Justin Ohotto won top honors at the North American Bass Circuit’s Bays de Noc tournament, reeling in a hefty 22.15-pound, five-fish limit.
In a recent interview on Fishingworld.com, Perkins explained that using Trigger X® softbaits paired with the new VMC® SpinShot™ gave the team the edge needed to secure the win. “It was a great day on the water,” said Perkins, according to the report. He explained that the team used a mix of topwaters such as Rapala Skitter Props, along with natural-colored Trigger X tubes that matched the algae-covered bottom. “Rigging softbaits on the new VMC hooks with swivels on them was key to winning,” he added. “The swivel allowed the bait to come in true; if it was swinging at all, the fish would turn away from it.”
Meticulously fine-tuned for the ultimate performance, Trigger X softbaits portray a mesmerizing action through the water. Immersed in Ultrabite® Pheromones, each bait features a ribbed surface area that creates a softer, lifelike feel while increasing lure surface area, which allows for increased pheromone distribution.
The SpinShot hook is the first of its kind to completely eliminate the worry of line twists when drop-shot rigging. To do this, VMC incorporated a light, but super-resistant, high-carbon steel black nickel spinning system into its premium VMC drop-shot hook. The hook features a nimble swiveling wire structure that guarantees 100 percent free rotation of the hook with any size lure attached.
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