Rapala Sufix line new products for 2012

Winner of the ICAST 2010 Best of Show award in the line category, the benefits of Sufix 832 are said to be improved casting distance, increased abrasion resistance and a fast sink rate. Sufix 832 incorporates Gore performance fiber within its weave. For those who are curious, the name "832" is derived from 8 fibers (7 Dyneema® plus 1 GORE® Performance Fiber) and 32 weaves per inch. The 832 weaving process allows the line to be constructed closer to a true round shape. Readers who've had a chance to try 832

 since it debuted last year are saying that they like it. A new Ghost Color of Sufix 832 will be available for 2012. Sufix 832 Ghost will provide anglers with a new white-color fishing line that provides superior visibility above water but is nearly invisible below the surface, says the company.

Unlike traditional fluorocarbon that’s stiff and memory prone, Sufix Castable Invisiline 100% Fluorocarbon sails off a spinning or baitcasting reel with ease, thanks to Sufix’s premium G2 precision winding process, says the company. Available in 100-yard or 200-yard spools from 4 lb test to 20 lb. test.

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