Rapala Eco Wear Reflection Waders have been honored with the Best New Apparel Award and Sufix Synergy Carp named the Best New Monofilament Line at the 2011 European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition (EFTTEX), Europe's largest and most important international fishing tackle trade show, held in Amsterdam on June 17-19.

Rapala Eco Wear Reflection Waders
Rapala Eco Wear Reflection Waders feature a new design protected pattern that mimics natural underwater light reflections, thus acting as an aquatic camouflage and helping the wearer to blend into the subsurface environment.
Rapala Eco Wear Reflection waders are also the first waders in the trade manufactured with a unique, ecological process from DuPont(TM) that significantly reduces their environmental footprint and the dependence on petroleum. DuPont(TM) Cerenol® Polyol technology is based on DuPont's proprietary family of polyether polyols that are manufactured in a sustainable process using an ingredient derived from agricultural feedstock.
DuPont Cerenol technology is applied as a part of the Eco Wear Reflection Waders' manufacturing process where the fabric is given its outstanding waterproof and breathable qualities with 30% smaller fossil energy use and 35% smaller greenhouse gas emissions.

Sufix Synergy Carp
Carp fishing is the largest segment in the fishing tackle industry in Central Europe, and Sufix has a strong foothold in carp fishing line business. The award and new product introductions will further strengthen Sufix's position in the carp fishing line market.
Sufix Synergy Carp is a high performance monofilament line specifically customized to meet the needs of even the most demanding carp anglers, and it is a part of Sufix's emphasis on the carp line, hook link and hook rig market with several new innovative products for the 2012 season.
Sufix Synergy Carp features an ultra high 15X abrasion resistance thanks to the new, exclusive XV2 extrusion technology.  It also has a low memory and reduced stretch for better feel and sensitivity. The Synergy Carp is manufactured smooth and supple for increased casting distance and it has excellent tensile and knot strength. Synergy Carp is available in olive green for stealthy presentations.

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