Rapala Facts

 • Sold in over 140 countries around the world

 • 26 Rapala VMC distribution companies

 • Factories in Finland, France, Ireland, Estonia, and China

 • World’s leading brand of fishing lures

 • Manufacture approx. 20 million lures a year

 • Rapala is the only brand to cover multiple fishing tackle categories (lures, rods, reels, knives, tools, etc..)

 • More world record fish caught on Rapala Lures

 • Rapala is the only company in the world to mass produce fishing lures made of wood (balsa)

 • Each Rapala lure with a swimming lip is individually hand-tuned and tank-tested for perfect swimming action

 • Each Rapala lure features up to 12 coats of durable paint and epoxy

 • 1936 Lauri Rapala makes his first lure out of cork

 • 1959 Normark is established and starts distributing Rapala lures in the US

 • 1962 Major breakthrough in US when LIFE magazine publishes an article on Rapala

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