New Rapala Scatter Rap Glass Shad

This new Rapala lure has a "See-Thru" plastic with the unique "Scatter" lip. Scatter Rap Glass Shad consistently swims with an erratic and evasive sweeping action.

It is rattling and suspending and has a length of 2-3/4" for a weight of  7/16 oz. It will be available in 15 different colors.

New Rapala RipStop presented at ICAST

An other new bass lure will be presented at ICAST fishing fair: the The Rapala RipStop.

This unique lure tail design creates a fast ripping, hard stopping, flashing swimbait action. So hard ripping flash and hard stopping action thanks to the new hard plastic boot tail.

This lure will be available in one size 3-1/2" with a weight of 1/4 oz.

New Rapala BX Brat

A new great bass lure from Rapala, the BX Brat. This lure has a balsa inner core with an armor coating of rugged copolymer. Size will be 2" with a weight of 3/8 oz.

More news will be revealed soon at ICAST fishing fair.

Rapala Fishing Tips: How to Fish Twitch/Slash Baits

One of the most popular techniques in freshwater fishing is using "Twitch" or "Slash" baits. Used by beginners to pro's, this technique is one of the most productive and exciting fishing strategies there is. Rapala ambassador Italo Labignan explains this technique in detail and what you need to ensure you boat your next trophy fish.

Rapala Fishing Tips: How to Fish the Rapala Countdown

The Countdown is one of the classic Rapala lures that anglers have been using for decades. The "Countdown" technique allows fishermen to target various depths of a water column with ease. Watch as Rapala Ambassador Italo Labignan explains this popular fishing method.

VIDEO: a closer look at Rapala Skitter-V

In this Rapala video we give a closer look at  Rapala Skitter-V

VIDEO: how to make a Rapala lure

A unique, behind-the-scenes look at the process of how a Rapala lure makes its' way to your tacklebox.

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