RAPALA TIPS: How to Fish Large Flats for Bass

Bass feed for panfish on shallow water and large flats. The Rapala DT lure series is a deadly bait to use when targeting these fish.

Rapala Ambassador Italo Labignan takes us through the reason for using this bait and the results you can get.

RAPALA TIPS: How to Fish for Predators Feeding on Bait Fish

Fish looking for suspending bait fish can fall to the action of a crank bait. Rapala Ambassador Italo Labignan explains how to target these feeding fish using the Shad Rap RS.

RAPALA TIPS: How to Fish Poppin' Lures

Surface fishing is a great way to enjoy high energy fishing. The X-Rap Pop makes a loud and aggressive action that attracts fish of all species.

Rapala Ambassador Italo Labignan shows why this lure is so much fun for summer bass.

Rapala company launches the Terminator Popping Frog

Rapala company launches the under the brand Terminator a new surface lure : the Popping Frog.

Topwater fanatics, get ready for action. The Popping Frog with its cupped face will create a loud, strong pop that drives fish crazy.

Custom designed weight is shaped and positioned to stay out of the way of the hook. This design creates a responsive, easy to impart, walking action. Extra-wide hook gap converts strikes into fights.

Sixteen different colors are available for this 2 - 1/2 new Terminator lure.

Rapala Introduces the new Storm Arashi Vibe

Rapala introduces the with the brand Storm the new Arashi Vibe lure.

The Arashi Vibe is designed for tough bite conditions. this new Storm lure generate subtle vibration and sound at incredibly slow speeds with either a steady retrieve or lift-fall technique.

Rotated hook hangers nests the hooks close to the body for improved action, preventing hangups, even with the larger hooks.

By now is available in only one size: 2-3/4" of length for a weight of 9/16 oz. It can be found on 14 different colors.

Mike Iaconelli presents new Rapala lures at ICAST

Mike Iaconelli presents new Rapala lures and accessories at ICAST 2016 in Orlando.

Rapala new lure: the Shad Dancer

Rapala adds a new lure in its catalog, the Shad Dancer.

This multi-species balsa bait brings the excitement of the Rapala Tail Dancer to a shad profile.

Swimming with a silent, aggressive, hard-thumping sweeping tail action. Designed to dive deep whether cast or trolled at 7' - 10'.

Particularly deadly for Walleye and other bottom predators.

by now is produced in only one size: 2" with a weight of 1/4 oz. and in 16 different colors.

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